Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The End. :'(

Hey peeps. Last post ever. I honestly just sorta got bored. Time is hard to find too. :D Never was a great blogger to start with so I guess there's no point in having one! Know how to deleat a blogg?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Knight's Tale: A Battle for the Heart

Okay, so...I haven't posted at all for a really long time. Sometimes, life gets in the way with school and all. But the thing that's really kept me away, has been this play that you've all heard so much about from my blog, as well as Flinn's blog! :D So...I thought I'd share some clips to show you what we came up with after so omuch work on this play! ;P Through blood, sweat, and tears we triumphed (literally), and here is the product of our stuggles...

So...that's a little sample of the play that we've been working on for months! :D Hope you enjoyed, and hope I can post a lot more in the future! ;)

God Bless and Never Alone,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"New Years" Resoloution

Well, it's almost here, and already *is* here for some of us! Ah yes...the new school year has come. I'm one of those kids who pretty much DREADS this time of the year...but I'll live! lol ;)
I just thought I would ramble about the things I am happy about, and the things I am not so happy for this year!


1. I really liked pre-algebra, so algebra shouldn't be much of a problem...I might be one of those wierdos who like it! lol

2. I have made the best, most increadible friends of my life this summer, and I know that if I do struggle, they will be there, along with God, to help me!

3. I am doing a book that combines algebra 1 & 2, so I will be killing two birds with one stone! YAY!

4. All of the fun highschool events!

5. I am one step closer to being done with school FOREVER!!!!!!!

6. I am getting closer to the age of being aloud to have a phone!!! VERY yay!!! lol

7. P.E. credits are forcing me to work out, which I have been intending to do anyways!


1. It's just all new and kinda scary

2. Having to stress over getting enough credits

3. School taking up all of my time, and leaving no time for fun...that's a selfish one, I know.

4. I one of those people who just doesn't have the drive to study hard, and now that my grades really count, I really need to work hard. I am totally willing to do that! I just need prayer so that I can work through my laziness. hehe...

Well, that's all of my random ramblings of the school year, except I thought it would be fun to do a "new years" resoloution since it's a new school year. =D Mine is to work hard, and really *care* about my grades. I need ya'll to keep me accountable, okay? lol

So...I'd better head off. I've got some facebooking to do! hehe...But I would love you you guys to comment and tell me what you think of your school year! Ups and downs, or just whatever you want to say! ;) ttyl!

God Bless and Never Alone,


Monday, July 27, 2009

The Art Collector

I thought this was a really cool story so I thought I would share. (I stink at spelling by the way.)

Once there was an art collector. He had the most beautiful art in the world! He had collected this for years and years. It was the second most important thing to him. But the thing that he loved most of all, was his son.
Years later, the man died. In his will, he wanted to hold an auction to sell all of the art.
The first painting held up was a painting that was done by the was of his son. He was no artist, so it wasn't very good, and there were no bids.
The price got lower and lower but still no bids.
The people began shouting to move on to the next piece.
"I can't!" The auctionere replied. "In the will, it says that I can't move on to any other pieces until this painting sells!"
One of the people who had worked for the old man had come to the auction. He knew how much his son meant to the man, so he offered to buy the painting.
"The auction is now open!" The man said, reaching for the next painting. Then he stopped, looked at the will, and said, "Never mind. The auction is closed..."
The people were shocked and confused!
"What do you mean it's closed?" One of them called out.
"The will states that whoever gets the son, gets it all."

I thought this was a neat example of how it is when some one gets saved. When some one chooses the Son, they get it all!
Whacha think, guys?

God Bless and NEVER Alone!


Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hey! This is just a fun post because I am feeling VERY happy that it's summer!!! I am SO excited!!!
Not sure what I'll be doing for vacation...but I do know that in about two weeks, we are heading to some theater in Texas to watch Wicked!!! It's an awesome, awesome musical!!! Highly recomend it!!! We may go to some old 80's concerts: Stryper and Journey. Stuff like that!
Anywho...I just wanted to see what all you guys are doing this summer???
Also, feel free to comment a shout for joy that school is out: I think I'll do that now... YYYIIIIPPPEEE!!!!! (And yes, Judi-I am hyper again! haha!)

God Bless and Never Alone!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol....

Last night's Idol was a SHOCKER!!!!! I have been a HUGE fan of Adam Lambert all season and I think he TOTALLY deserved to win!!!! The dude has unbelievable range AND power!!! He puts on a great show, and overall has the *star qualities* that the judges always say that they are looking for. I didn't vote for him after I found out about his messed up morals, but I still thought he deserved to win.
But, I will say, the fact that America voted in a Christian (Kris) over a flaming gay (Adam) was actually very encouraging! Although I personally wanted Adam to win, it's sorta cool how it turned out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Morals

Hey you all know how it feels when you're talking to someone online, and your mom is standing right behind you, reading every word that appears on the screen. Then, of course the person swears or talks about how much you love your crush or something stupid. Your mom reads it and tells you to get off line that instant and not talk to that person anymore.. Well, What can we do about that? To solve this problem, now we have started the 'code 9' system. In code 9, you simply press the number ''9'' when your parent or sibling are watching over your shoulder as you type. The person you're talking to will know what your talking about, and begin a conversation on homework or something. When your parent or sibling leaves, press ''99'' to let the person know that they are gone, so you can begin a normal conversation again. Please send this to everyone you know so that Code 9 can begin to go into effect. PLEASE: Copy and paste it to other people, DO NOT forward it!

-This is an email that my friend sent. I totally disagree with this, although I didn't say that to her. We should not have to hide what we say in chat, facebook, or other conversations because we should not be saying anything that 'needs' to be hidden.
What are ya'lls thoughts? =D

God Bless and Never Alone!